Understanding and Applying the GHS-/CLP-Criteria for Classification and Labelling


Your benefit

The aim of this training session is to inform you in depth about the principles of classification and labelling in accordance with GHS and to practise this in a workshop using representative examples.


  • Presentation of the classification/labelling elements 
  • Overview of the global implementation of UN-GHS 
  • The building block approach in UN-GHS 
  • Comparison of UN-GHS and EU-GHS (CLP) 
  • Harmonised classification (Appendix VI of CLP) 
  • Application of the CLP criteria for classification of health and environmental hazards with regard to substances 
  • Procedure when classifying mixtures with regard to health and environmental hazards 
  • Applying bridging principles, additivity formulas and summation method for classification of mixtures 
  • Usage of generic and specific concentration limits for classification of mixtures 
  • Overview and introduction in classification of physical hazards 


Target audience
Hazardous material officers, environment officers, technical management, health and safety experts, health and safety officers, training personnel for hazardous substance management, staff responsible from the chemicals and metalworking industries, for example.
German and English, cf. Date
Language of training material