IUCLID 6 Member Dossier

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Preparing the company specific part of a IUCLID 6 dossier or a member dossier needs special attention with regard to substance identification and consistency with the technical sections or the lead dossier.

Key aspects of the IUCLID 6 member dossier training course are therefore basics of IUCLID, technical completeness in filling the company specific sections and consistency in form and content in all dossier parts for complicated substances.

Experience with a high number of member dossiers prepared for various substances and the chance to go into detail add value to your member dossiers.


  • Principles of IUCLID 6
  • Operation Levels
  • LEO(X) – Legal Entity Object
  • Substance Data Set and Reference Substance
  • How to use IUCLID 6
  • Toolbar
  • Creation of substance data set
  • Cope & Paste
  • Import / Export
  • Fill in company specific sections
  • Electronic Report generation
  • Electronic Dossier generation
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Exercises (Computer with pre-installed tools will be provided)
Target audience: 
Product responsible persons who have to submit dossiers / do join registrations.
ca. 10
German and English, cf. Date
Language of training material: 
Basic knowledge of IUCLID (e.g. Basic IUCLID training course)
340 Euro + 19% VAT = 404,60 Euro

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