Environmental Exposure Modelling in the Registration Process of Agrochemicals

Exposure Modelling of PPP

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The emphasis of the training is to provide an overview of the modelling of environmental fate of agrochemicals in the framework of the registration of plant protection products.
The lecture gives an introduction to the regulatory framework of plant protection products, modelling approaches and parameters, relevant compartments, modelling software and tools and European and National approaches for the exposure assessment. The information shall enable the participants to evaluate the issues of the environmental exposure assessment of plant protection products.


  • Introduction to the regulatory framework
  • Introduction to regulatory modelling
  • FOCUS guidelines and scenario definitions
  • FOCUS tools and model parameterisation
  • Standard approaches and refinement options on EU level
  • Requirements and refinement options on national level (on request)
  • Substance input parameters
  • Input decisions and model output

The content of the lecture can be adapted to the requirements of the respective audience.


Target audience
Interested people involved in environmental exposure modelling (Environmental Fate scientists, Ecotoxicologists, Environmental Fate Modellers, Regulatory Managers).
ca. 12
English (German on request)