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Animal Health - Session 1: Distribution arrangements for APIs (Article 95)

The first of these presentations focuses on Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) for veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Animal Health - Session 2: Clinical Studies - A European Perspective

In this presentation, we look at changes brought in with Regulation 2019/6 impacting clinical studies.

Animal Health - Session 3: Limited Markets in Regulation 2019/6 (IVMP Data Focus)

In this presentation, the new approach to Limited Market products (formerly referred to as Minor Use, Minor Species or MUMS) is outlined, with particular focus on immunological VMPs.

Animal Health - Session 4: Pharmacovigilance – Moving to the new signal management system (EU and UK)

This fourth presentation explores the significant changes to veterinary pharmacovigilance requirements and processes that have come about since the new VMP-Reg came into force.