Exposure Assessment REACh - CHESAR 3

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Participants receive a theoretical and practical introduction to the Chemical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool (CHESAR 3). Using a provided computer, they can explore the program, solve exercises and discuss questions and problems that may arise directly.



  • Communication with IUCLID and Scope of assessment
  • Life cycle tree
  • Human Health risk assessment
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Refinement options for unsafe scenarios
  • Chesar Library (Conditions of use, SCEDs, SPERCs (SWEDs) and standard phrases
  • CSR generation
  • Exposure scenario communication
  • Practical training: Simple calculation examples and complex cases (computer with pre-installed tools will be provided)
Target audience: 
People who are interested in exposure assessments and want to gain an insight into the new tool CHESAR 3.
ca. 10
Language of training material: 
Basic experience of exposure assessment

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