Chemical Waste - Classification, Transport and Notification Requirements

Chemical Waste

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From waste generation to disposal/recycling, there are many different legal requirements that must be complied with by all parties involved. This training course offers a guide through the jungle of legal areas relevant to waste and points out pitfalls. The training contents are intended to make the participants' daily work easier and help them to gain an overview of the increasingly complex requirements relating to waste and to implement them effectively. 


  • The path of waste - related legal areas and obligations
  • Waste classification (HP criteria and EWC) and impact on disposal
  • Delimitation to substance law (CLP)
  • Dangerous Goods Classification of Hazardous Waste
  • Classification according to water law (WGK)
  • Notification obligation for SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern)
  • Recycling: Registration obligations of substances under REACH
  • Innovations in waste law



Target audience
Specialists in product safety, waste management and occupational health and safety; employees who are involved in waste disposal or are to be involved in the future; managers who control or delegate tasks in this area.
Language of training material