How to Authorise Biocidal Products on the EU Market – Best Practices to Navigate Across the Biocidal Products Regulation

The web-seminar takes place in 2 training units on 2 consecutive days.

Your benefit

This web-seminar will enable the participants to understand the procedures and timelines defined by Regulation (EU) No 528/2012, the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), for the marketing and use of biocidal products in the European Union. Practical examples and exercises are included, in order to provide the participants with the basic BPR knowledge to address a real active substance approval or a biocidal product (family) authorisation. The topic of treated articles and examples of products which are out of the scope of the BPR will also be covered.

Our experts will lead you across this path and will be happy to clarify your doubts and answer your questions.


  • Understanding the BPR
  • Approval of active substances
  • Review programme
  • Active substance/ product type combinations (practical exercise)
  • Authorisation of biocidal products
  • Authorisation of biocidal product families (BPF)
  • BPF (practical exercise on uses)
  • Possible authorisation routes of biocidal products
  • How to correctly label a biocidal product
  • How to strategically plan submissions
  • BPR cost overview
  • Treated articles and borderline products


Target audience
Regulatory managers and other key stakeholders (e.g. importers, distributors) in the supply chain looking for an introduction to the regulatory requirements of biocidal products and active substances as according to the EU BPR.
Language of training material