Food Additives in the EU

3 hour Web-Seminar


The food additives seminar will concentrate on the most important regulatory aspects for specialists working with food additives for the EU market.  Key definitions from EU food additive regulations will be explained for practical application. The presentation will provide a background on food regulations and food categories, introduce key concepts for food additives including: European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) opinions on food additive labelling, food additives specifications, and a review of food additives usage limitations. In addition, there will be an overview of data requirements for registration of a new food additive in EU. The presentation will end with a case study to provide a practical understanding of the whole topic.

  • Food additives - EU perspective
  • Definition, terminology, food additives specifications
  • Food categories in the EU
  • Data requirements for registration
  • Example of EFSA opinions on food additives
  • Labelling requirements
  • Case study: formulation check for compliance


Target audience
Food regulatory specialists, R&D, Quality, specifications specialists, food producers, food technologists
Language of training material