Regulatory Processes and Dossier Structure for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products in the EU

Regulatory Processes EU

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The training course introduces the regulatory framework for authorisation of plant protection products in the European Union under Regulation 1107/2009, with a focus on the regulatory processes for formulated products and renewal of approval of actives.


  • Understanding the EU Legal framework: Plant Protection Product regulations, environmental policy, International Agreements, trade barriers for food and feed, citizens rights to access information, intellectual property issues
  • Brief overview of Regulation 1107/2009: key points
  • Hazard, Risk identification, Risk assessment, Risk management
  • Decision-making for approvals at EU level and authorisations at Member State level
  • Types of substances and products regulated under Plant Protection framework (low risk, basic substances, adjuvants, co-formulants, synergist, safeners, etc.)
  • Interplay between the Regulation 1107/2009, the Sustainable Uses Directive and the MRLs regulation for food
  • Active substance approval and approval renewal procedure (AIR program of reviews)
  • “Chemical” vs non-chemical active substances: where are the difference in the process for approval
  • Renewal of Authorisation (Article 43) post AIR process, Plant Protection product authorisation procedure (Zonal authorisation, Mutual Recognition, Parallel trade, Role of EFSA, National Authorities and the European Commission)
  • Product dossier structure: Zonal Core Dossiers, National Addenda, Interzonal dossiers
  • Active substances dossiers (SANCO vs OECD): structure, building and publishing Access to study data and reports: data protection and data sharing
  • Claims on data protection versus claims on confidentiality
  • Impact of the risk-assessment on the product label: mitigation measures and restrictions of uses


Target audience
People dealing with EU dRR dossiers for plant protection products.
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