OWTC - Biocidal Products in the EU in 2019

In cooperation with Feierl-Herzele GmbH we are pleased to offer this OWTC (One Week Training Class) which focuses on EU’s Biocidal Product Regulation. This course gives the participants a comprehensive overview of the regulatory landscape relevant for biocidal products and active substances in the European Union. Delegates will gain knowhow, which will help them to tackle existing and upcoming challenges when being active on the European market or when planning to enter the European market with a new business or biocidal product in this field.

The main objective of this class is to give the delegates the opportunity to obtain the most practical and up-to-date information that is relevant for the marketing and usage of biocidal products and active substances. The participants will also learn about interactions and borderlines with other relevant legislation. Furthermore, there will be a strong focus on the understanding of the relevant IT-tools like IUCLID and R4BP.

Day 1 - Monday

  • General introduction
  • Introduction to the EU biocidal product law
  • Active substances - approval-process / content of dossier / information requirements / Core Data Set (CDS) and Additional Data Set (ADS)

Day 2 - Tuesday

  • Active substances
  • Basic introduction to biocidal products
  • Biocidal product authorization - process / content of dossier / information requirements / Core Data Set (CDS) and Additional Data Set (ADS) / SPC content / dissemination / timelines

  • Biocidal products
  • Get-together

Day 3 - Wednesday

  • Treated articles
  • Practical view on efficacy (testing)
  • Lessons learned from active substance approvals and product authorizations  
  • Data-sharing
  • National aspects, fees and implementation into national legislation
  • UK and Switzerland

Day 4 - Thursday

  • IT-tools – purpose and introduction with practical examples
  • Borderline to other legislation

Day 5 - Friday

  • Interface with REACH and CLP
  • Communication in the supply-chain
  • Wrap up and final Q&As

OWTC Alumni

The class is not over when it ends. A special online forum will encourage the classes to stay in touch after the end of the trainings and to exchange expertise and questions.

Target audience: 
Industry, governments, academia and consultant representatives, interested in building up know how on safe handling and management of Biocidal Products in the European Union
approx. 24
Language of training material: