IUCLID 6.4 for Biocides – Background and Practice

The training course focuses on the application of the upcoming release IUCLID 6.4 specifically for the registration of biocides under BPR. The participants are provided with an overview of the structure of IUCLID 6.4 in the context of biocides registration and addresses IUCLID 6.4 Sections being unique for the dossier preparation under BPR. The participants should have basic knowledge of how to use IUCLID in practice.


  • Background: How to use IUCLID 6.4 for Biocides Registration (BPR, Regulation (EC) No. 528/2012)
  • How to prepare an active substance data set
  • How to prepare a biocidal product data set
  • Technical completeness check and Dossier quality assistant
  • Technical equivalence assessment and Chemical similarity check
  • Report Generator
  • Electronic dossier
  • Data protection/dissemination
  • Technical issues

Please note: As the IUCLID program is only available in English, parts of the training will be held in English.

New Release IUCLID 6.4
Target audience: 
People responsible for biocide registration
ca. 10
Basic knowledge of how to use IUCLID in practice
590 Euro + 19% VAT = 702,10 Euro

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