IUCLID 6 for Biocides – Background and Practice

The training course focuses on the application of IUCLID 6 specifically for the registration of biocides under BPR. The participants are provided with an overview of the structure of IUCLID 6 in the context of biocides registration and addresses IUCLID 6 Sections being unique for the dossier preparation under BPR. The participants should have basic knowledge of how to use IUCLID in practice.


  • Background: How to use IUCLID 6 for Biocides Registration (BPR, Regulation (EC) No. 528/2012)
  • How to prepare an active substance data set
  • How to prepare a biocidal product data set
  • Technical completeness check and Dossier quality assistant
  • Technical equivalence assessment and Chemical similarity check
  • Report Generator
  • Electronic dossier
  • Data protection/dissemination
  • Technical issues
New IUCLID Version 6!
Target audience: 
People responsible for biocide registration
approx. 10
Basic knowledge of how to use IUCLID in practice
590 Euro + 19% MwSt. = 702,10 Euro

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