IUCLID 6 Basic Training – Background & Practice

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The training course focuses on the basic knowledge of the IUCLID 6 version. Two main issues are addressed. On the one hand, the participants are provided with an overview of the structure and function principles of IUCLID 6. On the other hand, the training course presents basic knowledge of  how to use IUCLID 6 in practice.


  • Operation Levels
  • Files & UUIDs
  • Modification History
  • Legal entity & Legal entity site
  • Data sets – Commonalities & differences
  • Reference Substance and Substance Data Set
  • Flags, Filtering & Confidentiality
  • IUCLID administration
  • Tools (Dissemination, Fee calculation, Report Generator, TCC tool)
  • How to use IUCLID 6:
  • Creation of data sets, endpoint study records, endpoint summaries, C&L, category, import/export, dossier & report generation, tips & tricks (computer with pre-installed tools will be provided)


Target audience: 
Interested people who need to understand, use or prepare IUCLID and IUCLID files with respect to registration purposes.
approx. 10
German and English, cf. Date
Language of training material: 

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