Globally Harmonized System (GHS) – Classification Criteria and Implementation in Selected Asian Countries

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The aim of this training session is to instruct you in depth about the principles of classification and labelling in accordance with GHS. Main focus will be on classification criteria for substances and mixtures. Physical, health and environmental hazards will be addressed. A further key aspect of the training will be the differences between UN-GHS and national implementation of GHS in selected Asian countries (China, Japan, South-Korea and Thailand) as well as in the EU. Representative examples will illustrate the application of GHS.


Part 1: Introduction Globally Harmonized System

  • Global implementation of UN-GHS
  • Hazard classes and categories
  • Pictograms, signal words and codification
  • Labelling requirements in selected countries (focus: China, Japan, South-Korea, Thailand)
  • GHS building blocks in selected countries (focus: China, Japan, South-Korea, Thailand)
  • Harmonized classification (national GHS substance lists)


Part 2: Application of the GHS Criteria for Substances and Mixtures (Classification & Labelling)

  • Physical hazards (selected hazard classes)
  • Health hazards
  • Environmental hazards
  • Exercises
Target audience: 
Authors of safety data sheets for the Asian-Pacific area, health and safety experts, Regulatory Affairs manager in enterprises active on the global market
German (English on request)
Language of training material: 
1200 Euro + 19% VAT = 1428 Euro

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