The Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) - Communication in the Supply Chain with Exposure Scenarios

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This training is intended for authors and recipients of extended safety data sheets (eSDS) with a focus on structure and content of eSDS, as well as its application and communication in the supply chain.

Topics which are adressed in the training course “Reading and Understanding Exposure Scenarios (Part 1)” will be intensified plus further topics will be discussed.


  • Structure and content of exposure scenarios for communication
  • Preparation of an eSDS from a Chemical safety report (CSR)
  • Consistency check between annex and main part of an eSDS
  • Intended purpose of an eSDS: instructions for the safe use of hazardous substances
  • eSDS preparation tools: phrases, templates etc.
  • Obligations of downstream users (including the implementation of OCs/RMMs, scaling)
  • Safe use information of mixtures


Target audience: 
Health and safety officers, employees in the field of product safety, SDS authors
ca. 16
German and English, cf. Date
Language of training material: 

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