Basics of Transport Classification with Focus on ADR

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This training provides an overview on the classification of dangerous goods on the basis of the current legal situation, with a focus on road transport. Through exercises and practical examples, the participants learn the ability to assess transport-related parts of safety data sheets.


  • Legal rules and regulations
  • Regulatory context – CLP vs. Transport law
  • Dangerous goods classes
  • Criteria of classification and methods of measurement
  • Classification of dangerous goods with exercises
  • Dangerous goods legislation 2019 – What’s new?
Target audience: 
The course is aimed at participants who want to understand and apply dangerous goods classification, be it in the preparation of safety data sheets or at the check of transport documents
ca. 16
Language of training material: 
Basic knowledge about dangerous goods is an advantage, but not essential
640 Euro + 19% VAT = 761,60 Euro

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