Authorisation of Biocidal Products in the EU

Biocidal Products & EU

Since September 1, 2013 the Biocidal Products Regulation No. (EU) 528/2012 controls the placing onto the market of biocidal products and the practice of biocidal products authorisations in Europe.

Your benefit

The information shall enable the participants to evaluate the issues of the registration procedure for biocides in the European Union.


Biocidal Products in the EU - an Overview of the Legal Background of Regulation

  • Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)
  • A short review (BPD)
  • Approval of active substances and new active substances
  • Biocidal Product Authorisation procedure
  • National Authorisation/ Mutual recognition in parallel and in sequence /Union Authorisation
  • Simplified Authorisation Procedure (Annex I)
  • Data Sharing and Data Protection
  • Biocidal Product Family
  • Article 95
  • Candidates for Substitution and Exclusion Criteria
  • Treated Articles
  • Technical Equivalence
  • Sources of information


Target audience
Regulatory managers faced with the need to authorise biocidal products.
German (English on request)
Language of training material